Saturday, March 5, 2011


I guess I don't have another way to make you realize except
speaking the truth !
I'm sorry if i'm being MEAN by speaking honestly to you ,
I wish there was another way for me ,
BUT sadly , 
the only way is , to be HONEST to you .
Even though we are not so CLOSE , i feel sad after speaks the truth to you :')
I just wanna says i'm sorry , I know , i'm am not somebody to
speaks  something so SENSITIVE to you .
I just wanna says ,
I"M SORRY :"( 

Blow by : Ai-Chan


izwani said...

u did the right thg , lebih baek jujur kann :)

♥ zuai™ ♥ said...

@izwani : yep , memang betul :')

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